Jolanda Kops creates paintings of portraits. She succeeded the ”Academy of Beaux Arts” in Arendonk (Belgium). She graduated her specialization in painting live model and portraits. She makes use of different painting techniques. Her work is very well layered. Which give her paintings a structure.  Starting with warm and attractive colors. The final images are foremost in black and white.

Her portraits characterize by expression and emotion. She is inspired by her direct environment as well as images of a glossy imaginary world. The feeling that arouses her, is being processed in her direct way of painting.

The viewer interprets the painting with his own emotion, determined by his own life experience or mood. As such an unique process originates. It is the viewer’s prerogative to determine whether or not to enter the mirror of his soul or choose to ignore it. 

If you like to see it in real life, feel free to contact her and meet her at her atelier in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

In 2006  she started together with another artist Skip2Art. With Skip2art they started organizing workshops for companies and groups. More can be found on

Before she was born an artist, she worked over 16 years in the industrial business as a buyer of industrial goods and OEM products. She is a graduated bachelor at the HTS Technical Business Administration